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Chewy Morsel #8 – A Riddle You Can Solve

Chewy Morsel #8 A Riddle You Can Solve

So. There is a house built in 1773 but it was torn down in 1929. And its latest generation of the owners is sitting on the porch of a house.

And the porch looks VERY much the same as the porch of the razed house – it was called Tudor Hall – when Federal General James H.

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Chewy Morsel #7 – “Transgender” Folk Have Always Been With Us . . . Really by Jim Surkamp

In 1859, a man with a naturalist bent took work on a canal boat on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. The author is still unidentified, but their diary, detailed and numbering in thousands of words, was recovered and published by Thomas F.Hahn, a long-time president of the C&O Canal Commission, because of its extraordinary factual content.

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