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encompasses the raid by John Brown in 1859 at Harpers Ferry, Virginia; his trial, his execution and those of his men; includes Census records of escapes by the enslaved in Jefferson County, records of free blacks, and the persons who owned the most people or “slaves” in Jefferson County in 1860, includes the status of free and enslaved blacks during the war and after the war in Jefferson County

“Thy Will” (3) – Henry Bedinger & Alec Boteler – The Creative Congressmen

Chapterette 3: Henry Bedinger and Alec Boteler – The Creative Congressmen


Alexander “Alec” Boteler who had inherited Fountain Rock, married Helen Stockton and they had Helen (“Tippie”), Charlotte (“Lottie”), Elizabeth (“Lizzie”), and Alec Junior.

Preceding Boteler as the area’s Congressman in Washington, was Henry Bedinger who met Caroline (“Carrie”) Lawrence, the daughter of a fellow Congressmen who, only after he found the forces of love unstoppable, consented to the pact.

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“Thy Will” (12-13) – The Battle of Antietam & “The Bower Legend”

Chapterette 12 – The Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg Repurposes the War and Fills Shepherdstown’s Structures with 5,000 Wounded . . . and the Echoes of Indelible Memories.

Just before Antietam, when the Confederate troops passed over into Maryland, Davis Shepherd, Junior rode to Kearneysville to meet them and came into Shepherdstown at the head of the army on his beloved horse – “Jinny” – a soldier among soldiers once more, though armed only a riding whip.

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“Thy Will” (20) – April, 1862 – U.S. Colored Troops Stop at The Lees’ Home

Chapterette 20 – April 5, 1864 – The United States Colored Troops’ Company G of the 19th Regiment Knocks on Henrietta Bedinger Lee’s Door at Bedford, then Overnights in Charlestown.

April 5, 1864 – From a diary of a Shepherdstown resident, who lived there at the time:
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