Chewy Morsel #6 – “What Am I?!” – Harpers Ferry, Va. April 19, 1861 – David Hunter Strother

Watching his country – a rising power – fall apart in a glance made David Hunter Strother on the morning of April 19th, 1861 at Harpers Ferry, Virginia give out a Shakespearean howl at the dawn.

Mingling with friends from childhood the night before – rapidly un-friending – Strother watched, appalled, the movement of the Virginia militia to capture the prize of the U.S.

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Chewy Morsel #5 – 10-Year-Old “Danske” Slays With Her Poetic Pen by Jim Surkamp

The hewn timbers still smoking of her childhood home nearby, 54-year-old Henrietta Bedinger Lee, her 20-year-old daughter, “Netta” and the 54-year-old, freed family servant, Peggy Washington, sought refuge at Poplar Grove, where the widow of Henrietta’s brother, Caroline (or Carrie) lived with her children Minnie (Mary) Danske (Caroline), step-daughter Virginia (“Diddie”) and freedman 49-year-old Abram Dixon.

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Chewy Morsel #4 – Charles Town’s Martin Delany Says: ” I AM A Man!” – July 16, 1860

Returning from an African scientific expedition, Charles Town-born Martin Delany causes an international furor by simply saying: “I Am A Man.”

On July 16th, 1860 Dr. Delany’s most prestigious speaking invitation was before the International Statistical Society, chaired by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, and the most esteemed scientific body in the world, representing some two dozen countries, at London’s Somerset House.

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