The Molten Pyres of the Camel Engines, Part 2 by Jim Surkamp

When the smoke cleared, the debris had settled, and explosions faded in Berkeley, Jefferson County, Virginia and nearby Maryland in June, 1861 – the buildings of the Harper’s Ferry armory complex were smoking ruins, the bridge crossing the Potomac at Point of Rocks was destroyed, as was the bridge upriver at Berlin, MD (today’s Brunswick).

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VIDEO: The B&O – 1861 – The Molten Pyres of the Engines Pt. 1 by Jim Surkamp

This is the video corresponding to the post here, entitled “The Molten Pyes of the “Camels” – A Train Disaster, May-June, 1861.” Click Here. TRT: 19:01

Researched, written, videotaped, post-produced by Jim Surkamp. Guitar by Jim Surkamp. Mouth harp by Dave Hellyer, percussion by Kevin Williams and Kelly Cornelius.

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