VIDEOS: Transcript – Food-ways In Civil War Virginia by Jim Surkamp


VIDEO: West African Cooking in Old Virginia (captioned) by Jim Surkamp. Click Here. TRT: 14:36.

VIDEO: Hardtack, Weevils, and T’Other Enemies (captioned) by Jim Surkamp. Click Here. TRT: 15:13.

VIDEO: Frank Vizetelly – “This Englishman Can’t Cook” (captioned) by Jim Surkamp.

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POST & VIDEO Transcript: J.E.B. Stuart and the “Curse” of the Silver Spurs by Jim Surkamp

“Jeb” Stuart and The “Curse” of the Silver Spurs by Jim Surkamp (captioned). Click Here. TRT:11:03.

This is a little-known account of the friendship between two military couples – the Stuarts and the Lees from Shepherdstown, then-VA. and how their close and ultimately tragic relationship was threaded by the travels of a vexing pair of silver spurs.

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VIDEO: “Lorena” – The Civil War’s Most Beloved Song – by Jim Surkamp

Lorena TRT: 6:58
Mandolin played by Zythyra Austen

“Lorena” – when sung well – could make a young soldier up, leave camp and walk all the way home to his sweetheart. Feared and also loved by their commanders, sometimes it was banned from the campfire songfests because of its poignant power over good fighting morale.

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Crossings & Campfires – September-October, 1862 After Sharpsburg

Overview Google Map

September 18-19:

Stuart Crossing: Terrapin Neck – 39.4932 -77.7898

Lee, Jackson, main army crossing: Boteler’s Ford – 39.43015 -77.7828

September 19-20:

Stuart crossing & re-cross: Williamsport, MD. – 39.6059 -77.8350

Lee headquarters and camp: – Staley Farm – 39.4615 -77.8388
– Snyder, Henry L.

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