6th Virginia Cavalry

Musick, Michael P. (1990). “6th Virginia Cavalry.” Lynchburg, Va.: H.E. Howard, Inc. Print.

BALTIS, CHARLES: b. Loudoun Co. enl. 9/13/62 in Co. A. Deserter since 4/1/64. on 7-8/64 roll. AWOL on 9-10/64 roll. d. 1/26/09 at Charles Town, W.Va., supposedly bur. Harpers Ferry.

DAVIS, ALBERT F.: enl. 10/12/62 in Co. C. One month’s pay deducted by court-martial 11-12/63. in General Hosp. Charlottesville, 1/24-2/5/64 with scabies. Absent with leave 9-10/64. POW 1/13/65 at Kabletown W.Va. Took the oath at Elmira 6/27/65. resid. Charles Town, W.Va.

DAVIS, A. STROTHER.: enl. 5/31/61 in Co. D. AWOL sick since 10/16/62 at Charles Town, W.Va. Paroled 10/22/62 at Harpers Ferry. POW 1/16/63 near Berryvile on horse leave. Paroled 2/15/63 at Ft. McHenry. in General Hosp. Petersburg 2/18-2/24/63 with debilitas. absent with leave on 9-10/64 roll. AWOL 3/22/65. Res.Jefferson Co. W.Va.

GRIGGS, JAMES LEE: enl. 7/24/61 in Co. D. Absent on duty in Ordinance Dept. on rolls for 8/31/63 and 11-12/64. in Richmond Hosp with dysentery 4/19-6/4/64 and on 5/4/64. Wded. 9/22/64 near Luray. Otherwise present thru 3/22/65 final roll. d. 7/25/85, bur. Edge Hill Cem. Charles Town, W.Va.

HARRIS, GEORGE: b. in Jefferson Co. (W.Va.). enl. 8/16/61 in Co. D. To Corp. on 5-6/62 roll. Horse KIA 6/9/64 near Woodstock. Present on every roll thru 3/22/65. d. near Myerstown, W.Va. age 73 bur. Edge Hill Cem., Charles Town, W.Va.

JANNEY, WILLIAM WALTER: b. 9/23/43. enl. 4/23/61 in Co. D. Student. Courier for Gen. J.E.B. Stuart on 9-10/61 thru 5-6/62. POW while on furlough. Paroled in Richmond hosp. with dysentery 6/10-6/17/64. POW 7/20/64 at Winchester. d. 3/5/65 at Camp Chase of chronic diarrhea and bur. there but re-interred in Episcopal and Masonic Cem. Middleway, W.VA.

LEWIS ROBERT HUME: b. 11/12/43 in Alexandria. Att VMI. enl. 10/1/62 in Co. D. with scabies 12/4/63. Found guilty of AWOL by court martial 3/7/64. Courier for Gen.T. Rosser on 9-10/64 roll. Scout for Gen Fitzhugh Lee 3/22/65. Paroled 4/20/65 at Winchester. res. Jefferson County, W.Va. Postwar farmer and insurance agent in Charles Town and Winchester, m. Ann Cary Randolph Jones 1879. d. 12/12/21 in Baltimore MD.

MILSTEAD, JAMES: b. 1845. res. Charles Town. enl 9/29/62 in Co. H. Present on all rolls thru 3/22/65 final roll, but reported by Richmond as deserter 2/26/65. Wded. and POW 4/1/65 at Hatcher’s Run. d. 5/23/65 at Lincoln Gen. Hosp. Washington, D.C. chronic diarrhea. Single effects given to his Aunt Bea.

MORGAN, DANIEL HENRY: enl. 4/28/62 in Co. D. POW 7/14/63 at Falling Waters, Va. (now W.Va.). Paroled 12/24/63 at Pt. Lookout. Present as Pvt. Present 9-10/64. AWOL 3/22/65. MWIA at Five Forks. d. 4/8/65 bur. Elmwood Cem. Shepherdstown, W.Va. 4/1/65. "The Virginia Free Press" 9 Nov. 1865: "Daniel H. Morgan of this town, member of Co. D 6th Virginia Cavalry, wounded on 1st April 1865 on the South Side Railroad and d. in Cumberland County, on the 8th following, at the residence of his brother-in-law, A.J. Smith aged 31."

OPIE, JOHN NEWTON b. 3/14/44 at "Millview" Jefferson Co. WVa Att. VMI enl 10/15/62 in Co. D. Previously in 5th Va Inf. Horse KIA 6/9/63 at Brandy Station Wded 10/11/63 at Brandy Station and absent wded on rolls until POW on final 3/22/65 roll/Retired to Invalid Corps 1/8/65. POW 2/6/65 in Clarke Co . Paroled 3/14/65 at Elmira. Paroled Winchester 5/8/65 Grad U. Va law school 1885 House of Delegates 1882-84 State Senate 1896-1904 10 married Belle harmon 1866, 2) Ida Watson Fletcher 1878 Wrote "A Rebel Cavalryman" (1899) d at Staunton 1/26/06 bur Thormrose Cem. Staunton.

PENDLETON DUDLEY DIGGES: b. 1840 in Louisa Co. Grad. Washington College. Teacher. enl. 9/24/61 in Co. D. Trans. from Rockbridge Artillery. Present until appointed Capt. and Adjutant on staff of his uncle, Gen. William N. Pendleton 5/22/62. Personally recommended for Lt. by Gen. T. J. Jackson and by Col. Charles Field, Capt. Hugh M. Nelson, and Gens W. N. Pendleton and J.E.B. Stuart. Paroled 4/9/65 at Appomattox. Postwar, Principal of Shepherd College, Shepherdstown W.Va. d. 8/25/86. bur. Elmwood Cem. Shepherdstown.

PENDLETON, ROBERT NELSON: b. 2/4/42 in Louisa Co. Att. Washington Coll. enl. 3/19/62 in Co. D. Horse wounded 5/23/62 near Front Royal. Absent as clerk at brigade HQ 12/5/63 thru 3/22/65. To Lt. and drillmaster on the staff of Gen. W. H. Payne 3/28/65. Recommended by Gen. Payne 2/26/65 for "intelligence, good habits, courage and usefulness on the field." Paroled 4/25/65 at Summit Pt., W.Va. Postwar, farmer and civil engineer res. Jefferson and Clarke Cos. m. Fannie Gibson 1869. d. at Wyethville 1905.

STEPTOE ROBERT C.: enl. 8/14/61 in Co. D. Courier for Gen. W. E. Jones. on 11-12/62 returns. Wded at Trevillian Station 6/11/64. POW 4/1/65 at Five Forks. Otherwise always present thru final 3/22/65 roll. Took the oath 6/19/65 at Pt. Lookout res. Jefferson Co. transportation furnished to Baltimore, MD

TIMBERLAKE, THOMAS WILLIAM: b. 10/7/42. enl. 5/12/61 in Co. D.  in Richmond hosp. 5/16-5/17/64 in Charlottesville hosp. with intermittent fever 6/12-7/29/64 including furlough. Present on all rolls until KIA; 9/19/64 at Winchester. bur. Episcopal and Masonic Cem. Middleway W.Va.

WIGGINTON, JAMES: b. 12/15/40. Farmer. enl. Harpers Ferry 5/15/61. Trans. Co. D 6th Va. Cav 9/61. AWOL 12/25. Present 11-12/61. POW Clarke County 3/20/64. Sent to Ft. Delaware prison. exch. 3/65. Paroled Winchester 4/20/65. Postwar, physician. d. Summit Point, W.Va. 2/1/08. bur. Episcopal Masonic Cem. Middleway.

WILLIAMS, THOMAS E.: b. Va. about 1837. enl. Shepherdstown 6/4/61. To 6th Cav Co. D. Pvt. Apptd. ass’t surgeon 2nd NC Cav. 11/3/64. Paroled 5/1/65.