Confederate Batteries: Chew’s, Rockbridge, Amherst


ATKINSON, ROBERT CHILTON.: b. 10/3/41 in Smithfield. Son of Hon. Archibald and Elizabeth Ann Chilton Atkinson. attended Lynchburg Military Institute and William and Mary.  enl. 4/61/ Pvt. Co. K 3rd Va Inf. Discharged 10/2/61. Trans. to 10th Va Cav as hosp. steward.  Detailed in Lynchburg hosp. after Gettysburg. Discharged 10/31/64. enl. Chew’s Battery 1864. Paroled at Isle of Wight 4/30/65. Attended U.Va. 1865-1866. m. Marry Tandy Bull in 1868. Pharmacist St.Louis Mo. 1894-1900. d. St. Louis 12/31/17.

CHEW, JOHN A.: QM Sgt enl 3/4/62 at Winchester as Sgt QM Sgt sometime between 9/62-10/63 Absent sick 11-12/63 On detached service 1-2/64 Present 3/64.

CHEW, ROGER PRESTON: b. 4/9/43 Loudoun County, Va. from Kabletown, Jefferson Co. grad. VMI 12/12/61. Drill master in Richmond 4/61. Assigned to the Lee battery at Monterey 7/15/61-9/61. Apptd. Capt. 4/23/62. Served with the 7th Va Cav. to 6/62. 11-12/63 on furlough. To Major, Horse Artillery 3/14/64. Lt Col. commanding Horse Artillery 2/8/65. Paroled at Greensboro, NC 5/3/65. M. Louisa Fontaine Washington 8/15/71. Postwar, farmer, real estate, and insurance. Member of the W.VA. Legislature 1882-1890. d. 3/16/21. buried Zion Episcopal Church.

CLIP(P), SAMUEL: Pvt. Enl Deserted 2/26/62 at Martinsburg.

CLIP(P), THOMAS: Pvt. Enl Deserted 2/26/62 at Martinsburg.

DECK, WILLIAM J.: b. 1839. enl. 5’7″ light complexion, dark hair, black eyes. 10/4/62 at Charles Town as Pvt. Present 9/62-8/63. Absent sick 9/7/63. Present 11/63-8/31/64. Paroled 4/21/65 at Winchester.

HOOFFMASTER, GEORGE W.: Pvt. enl. 11/13/61 at Charles Town. Disabled by wounded in leg at Dam #5, C&O Canal 12/8/61.

HOOFFMASTER S. WASHINGTON: Pvt. Only record shows him as a deserter 2/10/62 at Martinsburg.

KEPHART, JACOB: Pvt. Born in Frederick County, MD. 6′ dark complexion, brown eyes, dark hair. Blacksmith. Only record shows deserted 4/20/62 at Conrad’s Store.

LINE, JOHN D.:  Pvt. enl 11/13/61 at Charles Town Present. 9/62-2/63. Trans. to Imboden’s Brigade.

REILY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN “FRANCIS”: enl. 7/20/63 at Berryville. WIA 10/11/63 at Brandy Station. at Chimborazo hosp. #5 10/14-11/11/63 with gunshot wound to right leg. Trans. to Lynchburg. Present 1-2/64. Present 3-5/64. App’td. Corp. 4/1/64 d. of wounds received at Trevillian Station 6/12/64.

THOMSON, JAMES WALTON: b.  10/28/43 in Jefferson Co.  Fought beside father at the attack on John Brown at Harpers Ferry. At 1st Manassas as aide to Jackson. absent 10/1-10/31/65. commanding company 11-12/63. Captain on service voucher 2/27-3/30/64. Appted. Major 3/1/65.  KIA 4/6/65 at High Bridge in Amelia Co. bur. Charlottesville, re-interred in the Stonewall Cem. Winchester.

WARE, NIMROD ANDERSON: b. 1846 Clarke Co. 6’2″ light complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes. Entered VMI 1862 for one year. enl. Chews Battery 6/5/63 at Culpeper CH. Present 6/5/63-8/31/64  Ware was in Neese’s gun section in 1864. Clothing issued 12/14/64. at Staunton Hosp. at Charlottesville Hosp 1/2-1/9/64 with scabies trans. Lynchburg. Paroled Charles Town 5/4/65. Attended U.Va 1868. obtained a position on a steamship line operating between Shanghai and Yokahoma. d. Nagasaki before 3/1881. Personal effects including the flag of the Stuart Horse Artillery were transfered back to Charles Town and the flag eventually turned over to Col. Chew.

ZOMBRO, JOHN L.: enl. 10/1/62 in Co. F. AWOL  7/8 and 9-10/64.


BOTELER, CHARLES PEALE: Pvt. Res. Shepherdstown, Enl. Centreville 10/23/61. Present 10/12-31/61 and 2/1-5/62. Ab. on leave for 34 days 2/6/62. Present 3/62 until transf Ashby’s Cav. 4/2/62. In Signal Corps Army of NVa. 10/1-11/30/63. Brother of Henry Boteler.

BOTELER, HENRY: Res. Shepherdstown. Enl. Fairfax CH 10/10/61. Present 1/10–31/61 and 5/1-2/62. Ab. on 34 days, begininng 2/6/62. Present 3/62-8/31/64. Present 9-10/64, promoted 7th Cpl. Present 11-12/64. Surrendered Appomattox 4/9/65. Brother of Charles P. Boteler.

BYERS, GEORGE NEWTON: b. Jefferson Co. 1834. Att. UVa 58-60. Enl. Camp Harman, near Centreville, 8/23/61 as Pvt. Present 8/23-10/30/61 and 1-2/62. Ab. sick 3-4/62. Present 5-12/62. Appt. 1st Cpl. 11/1/62. Present 1/4/63. Appt. 4th Cpl. 4/10/63/ Present 5-6/63. Appt. 3rd Cpl. 5/4/63. Present 7/63-4/29/64. Detailed Acting Sgt. Major. 1st Va. Regt. Arty. 4/30/64 until discharge. 10/1/64 upon appt. as Sgt. Major, 1st Va. Arty., Surrendered Appomattox as Pvt. 1st Rockbridge Arty. 4/9/65. Druggist, Clarksville, TN. 1904.

DANDRIDGE, ADAM STEPHEN III: b. 1845. According to his daughter, Serena K. Dandridge he was blind in one eye from an accidentally shot arrow. Under-age but insisting on enlisting, his parents enrolled young Dandridge into the Virginia Military Institute. Serena Dandridge wrote: I suppose my father was one of the few men who ever went to college with no other intention than to be expelled. She claimed he accumulated 496 demerits in six weeks. He did enlist May 29, 1862 in Charles Town, Va. (the first enlistment date and location corrected from initial entry in records of “1861” in “Charleston”), into Capt. Archibald Graham’s Co. Virginia Light Artillery (Rockbridge Artillery). He was present June 30, 1862 in Capt. William T. Poague’s company; present June 30-Oct. 31, 1862 and stayed until the end. Wounded in the shoulder at Spotsylvania CH 5/12/64. Surrendered Appomattox 1/11/24. Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Shepherdstown.

HUMRICKHOUSE, JOHN R.: Pvt. Res. Jefferson Co,. Enl. Rude’s Hill 3/28/62. Present 3/28-9/62/ Ab. detailed in hosp. Winchester about the middle of Sept, 1862. Appt. Hospital Steward on rolls 11-12/62. Druggist in hosp. Winchester 9/12-12/1/62. died Danville, 1863. Claim filed by brother 3/5/64.

PENDLETON, DUDLEY DIGGES: Pvt. b. Louisa Co. 1840. Moved to Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co. graduated Washington College, 1859. Enl. Winchester 6/19/61. Present 6/19. Transf. Co. D. 1st Va. Cav. 9/24/61/ Promoted to Captain and ASG of Artillery 5/22/62. Served on staff of Gen. Pendleton to end of war. Surrendered Appomattox 4/9/65. Principal Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, WV. d. 8/25/1886. Buried Elmwood Cemetery.


DANDRIDGE, LEMUEL P.: b. 1842. Pvt. Kirkpatrick’s Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Amherst Artillery). Enl. Oct., 1862 in Winchester for 12 months. Present for muster from June 30, 1863 through to Oct. 1864.He was taken as a prisonerof war near the end of the war; Paroled April 21, 1864 at Summit Point and came home to The Bower, probably with John Fox, an African-American. They both worked at the Dandridge mill and other operations at The Bower after thewar, unti lFox developed his own operations.