BEST sights & sounds

Marcus Simmons – the River Man – goes by an ancient stone dock maybe from the 18th century along the Potomac river
Boy with chicken in family photo of the Britner-Show family. Maybe Jack Britner. (From Margie Blostone’s Collection).
From the collection of Julia Hartman, probably members of the Waddy and Blackford families having a summer picnic along the Potomac, what people did on hot summer days.
From the collection of Gordie Clark of Shepherdstown, a young man date unknown.
From the collection of Gordie Clark of Shepherdstown. These are some women, maybe on a Sunday. 1920s-1930s
Wilson “Cootsie” Waddy watching his dad, the Shepherdstown stationmaster, chop wood
John Wesley Harris earned his Storer College diploma, then for many years taught the Shepherdstown youth.
Source Unknown