BEST sights & sounds

Marcus Simmons – the River Man – goes by an ancient stone dock maybe from the 18th century along the Potomac river
Boy with chicken in family photo of the Britner-Show family. Maybe Jack Britner. (From Margie Blostone’s Collection).
From the collection of Julia Hartman, probably members of the Waddy and Blackford families having a summer picnic along the Potomac, what people did on hot summer days.
From the collection of Gordie Clark of Shepherdstown, a young man date unknown.
From the collection of Gordie Clark of Shepherdstown. These are some women, maybe on a Sunday. 1920s-1930s
About twelve years ago, my friend Dale showed me this well that checks out as the right location of what has been written about as “Braddock’s Well” that was built in 1755 on the 990 acres where the development Huntfield was built near Charles Town. It has since collapsed.
Wilson “Cootsie” Waddy watching his dad, the Shepherdstown stationmaster, chop wood
John Wesley Harris earned his Storer College diploma, then for many years taught the Shepherdstown youth.
Source Unknown