What They Said At The Constitutional Convention – 1787 by Jim Surkamp

by Jim Surkamp on June 8, 2019 in Adam StephenConstitutional ConventionGeorge WashingtonJefferson County

It was as tense and tough as these things always are. No beams of light, no haloes (except maybe for Ben Franklin at the end of June).

John Rutledge makes a profoundly clever cast on the convention’s accepted narrative favoring the southern states with his legal trial experience at work. Gouverneur Morris sounds like millions today. Others chill your blood. It almost fell apart – many many times. and — Alexander Hamilton came briefly at the beginning, messed up and returned to New York to see better days in print.Washington was sure it would be a bust mid-way. And if there was a Darwin Award in 1787, most certainly Luther Martin would be its winner by acclamation.

Researched, compiled and produced by Jim Surkamp with music by Cam Millar (cammillar.com) all synthesizer pieces are owned by Mr. Millar.

Shana Aisenberg creates and plays the acoustic music and he owns rights to same.

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