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Go to the Jim Surkamp channel on youtube. I have not included videos that are not about history. If you look through these title page images from each video created for, take the exact wording shown in the subheading and search for it in the search window to watch it. Some 16,900, minutes of the videos here have been watched up to August 20, 2021. Among the most popular are: The NAACP Begins, Ben Franklin’s Swimming Lesson, The Cave under Charles Town WV, The African Origins of Southern Cooking, John Brown’s Hanging, 2009, Mosby’s Greenback Raid, Oct., 1864, one called “Stonewall’s Trick,” Historian Dennis Frye’s account of the capture of Harper’s Ferry in 1862, a video around the very popular, wistful song during the Civil War called “Lorena.” Others that are popular are videos featuring Terry Tucker, such as “SONG Thy Will Be Done by Charlotte Elliott” and “Bonnie Charlie.” A personal favorite of mine is a video around the song “Lakes of Pontechartrain” with Ardyth Gilbertson, Shana Aisenberg ( and the late harmonica virtuoso, Dave Hellyer. If you like the eloquent, sensitive music compositions around many of the videos since about 2015, they are by Cam Millar ( Also I believe the last two years of video are all especially in-depth and fascinating about certain people.