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The Mighty Myth of the Happy Plantation by Jim Surkamp
9546 words

A Cradle of American Values: The Lower (northern) Shenandoah Valley in 18th Century
1914 words

Mr. Hall Showed Us How to Make Things – Lots of Them, and Quickly by Jim Surkamp
2668 words

Mary Mitchell Remembers Shepherdstown & Copenhagen (1850s)
11,410 words

Farm Life 1850s – A.R.H. Ranson Tells, Opines
5839 words

Martin Delany: To Be More Than Equal
6982 words

Free, Black Families in Jefferson County, Va., Towns 1860
550 words

7 Biggest “People-Owners,” Jefferson County, Va. 1860
660 words

589 Enslaved Counted in 1860 as “Escaped”
698 words

Fifteen Set Fires a Sign of Slave Resistance?
5733 words

“Did John Brown Have A Military Plan?” – Dennis Frye
866 words

John Brown Plots A Gov’t with Martin Delany
4502 words

“Why Was Jefferson County a Crucible of the Civil War?” – Dennis Frye
728 words

“Why Did Virginia Try John Brown?” – Dennis Frye
710 words

Jefferson County, Virginia 1860 – A Profile of Prosperity
2061 words

“Was John Brown Insane?” – Dennis Frye
530 words

“Did John Brown Elect Abraham Lincoln President?” – Dennis Frye
501 words

Did Virginia Realize They Would Host the Civil War?” – Dennis Frye
550 words

Shepherdstown, Va. – July, 1860 – Drumbeats By Jim Surkamp
1638 words

P. Douglas Perks – November, 1860: Jefferson County Votes
729 votes

“What Was Virginia’s Opinion of Secession?” – Dennis Frye
707 words

2 Virginias: The Awaited Comet – Pt. 1

6032 words

The Tragic Vote in Richmond, April, 1861 – P. Douglas Perks

5082 words

The Comet Strikes – Pt. 2: The Virginia Secession Convention, spring, 1861 by Jim Surkamp

Events of Early April, 1861
227 words

A Near Coup d-Etat – John Imboden, Then Stonewall Jackson Click Here
3376 words.

The Red Dawn of Sedition – David Hunter Strother Click Here
8386 words.

The Recruit: “Half-Horse, Half-Alligator” Click Here
1771 words.