Washington Family Driving Tour April 6 and April 7 2023 (Claymont April 6th only)

“A Journal of My Journey over the Mountains” beginning March 11, 1748
By George Washington (1732-1799) https://justjefferson.com/08GW.htm


The Washingtons of Jefferson County By John Augustine Washington, Family Historian, Interview August 3, 2001 https://justjefferson.com/09jaw.htm

The above photos were taken by Edwin Fitzpatrick for the book “Between the Shenandoah and the Potomac” by the Jefferson County Historical Society, 1990.

Claymont – courtesy the West Virginia and Regional History Center – View of Claymont Court near Charles Town. The ante-bellum mansion was built in 1840 by Bushrod Corbin Washington, after the first dwelling burnt down in 1838. Washington was George Washington’s grand-nephew. The mansion has a formal ballroom and two-story, columned porches. https://wvhistoryonview.org/catalog/013061

Family photos of Claymont, when it was the home of R.J. Funkhouser, and the home facing Claymont, Blakeley, also once owned by Mr.Funkhouser. (courtesy the Funkhouser family) – https://justjefferson.com/funkhouser_rj/photos.html

R. J. Funkhouser – https://justjefferson.com/28RJF.htm


The Early Washingtons of Jefferson County, Va. https://justjefferson.com/washingtons/

Three interesting facts about George Washington:

First, the self-sacrifice of his men at the winter of Valley Forge during the Revolution affected George Washington affected him deeply and he returned his loyalty.

Second, on Oct. 20, 1750 – Frederick County, VA. – George Washington made his first land purchase ANYWHERE, and was located in Jefferson County, buying 453 acres along the lower fork of the Bullskin from Thomas Rutherford. Today this property straddles Middleway Pike near the Shirley Road Intersection. (He did not hold onto it long).

Mount Vernon Ladies Association – Miniature of Sarah “Sally” Cary Fairfax, attributed to Samuel Shelley, ca. 1774-1785 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Fairfax#/media/File:Sarah_%22Sally%22_Cary_Fairfax.jpg

Third, In the spring of 1798, GW had hand delivered a letter to the recently widowed Sally Fairfax, with whom in his youth had an amorous relationship. He recited the many important events of his life, then wrote: “not all of them together have been able to eradicate from my mind the recollection of those happy moments – the happiest of my life – which I have enjoyed in your company.” He then wondered if she might consider returning from England to Virginia. She said no. – Ron Chernow “Washington: A Life” p. 778. letter dated May 16, 1798

A River of Story in 25 Chapters by Jim Surkamp (See links to each chapter) September, 2017
TRT: 4:05:40
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4
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The factually true, moving and incredible odyssey of Jasper Thompson and his family starting with generations working on farms owned by the Washington family in Jefferson County, WV; growing up and enlisting in U.S. Colored Troops in 1864, finding himself in the Crater disaster in July, 1864, then to return home to Charlestown, Va (today Charles Town) – to meet his Destiny Day September 6, 1906. There is no voice over –  giving the story a more personal feel. Fantastic music by Cam Millar and Shana Aisenberg. Special thanks to family historian Monique Crippen-Hopkins

INTRODUCTION & CHAPTER 1 The Washingtons & The Thompsons
TRT: 3:19
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=0m0s

CHAPTER 2: Prospect Hill & 3 Brothers Washington
TRT: 3:42
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=3m19s

CHAPTER 3: Jasper Thompson’s Earliest Ancestors
TRT: 6:37
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=7m1s

CHAPTER 4: 3 Washington Households in Jefferson County 1820 Forward
TRT: 3:03
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=13m38s

CHAPTER 5: Who “All” Owned Mount Vernon (the adults)
TRT: 3:24
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=16m41s

CHAPTER 6: Blakeley & Claymont
TRT: 8:32
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=20m5s

CHAPTER 7: “Grandmother Jane”
TRT: 5:07
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=28m37s

CHAPTER 8: The Enslaved Person’s Byword
TRT: 8:50



CHAPTER 10: Jasper is Born – 1844

CHAPTER 11: A Year’s Work in 1850:

CHAPTER 12:  Jasper Comes of Age

CHAPTER 13:  When Somber Men Weep

CHAPTER 14: The War Storm Breaks at Home

CHAPTER 15: Joining An Army

CHAPTER 16: Farming in the Field of War

CHAPTER 17: War Strikes Down A Washington

CHAPTER 18: 64 War Events in Jefferson County Oct. ’61-March ’64 Summarized

CHAPTER 19: Jasper Thompson’s New Life & the “Big Bang”

CHAPTER 20: Shepherdstown, Va. – April, 1864:  Netta Lee “Meets” the 19th U.S. Colored Troops

CHAPTER 21: Trained at Camp Casey and a “Lincoln Moment”

CHAPTER 22: Manassas Camp – The Men Become One


CHAPTER 24: The Crater Climax – Jasper’s Biggest, Bravest Fight

CHAPTER 25: Conclusion: Jasper Thompson’s Destiny Day September 6, 1906
Video link: https://youtu.be/KSXoj0c5My4#t=3h43m59s
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